Artist Statement

Connection. Photography has always been my tool to look at life differently; to explore, interpret, and to better understand my reality. My photos represent my view of humanity and how I explore it in an abstract form, allowing me to connect with the world I live in. A clearer understanding of myself and surroundings helps me create works that interact with people I wouldn't normally engage with. Photography is my bridge to connection.

I aim to capture my perspective of humanity. Born color blind, my relationship with color has evolved over time, to the point where it has become my primary focus. Color, or even a lack of, becomes my subject. My interpretation of color differs due to the minimal sensitivity the red cones in my eyes possess. Protan color blindness affects the red cones of the eyes, making them less sensitive to the color red. This type of blindness alters my perception of blue and green tones so the process of color correcting and grading are a different playing field for me. I have developed a style that results in rich and saturated colors.

Striking colors and composed lines fuel the vision I apply to my photographs. This is how I connect and express. Through my work, I hope to evoke a sense of curiosity and to invite the viewer to consider the beauty and complexity of the world around us. Expression.

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